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This information is for those that want to improve their chances for survival after the coming pole shift. Some of us have observed that a pole shift is in our near future and we wish to share what we have found that could be usefully knowledge to have at hand to assist survival.  Our goal is to improve our neighbor’s survival and as a result we improve our own survival. 

This site is maintained by a few common individuals with awareness that something important is coming and we all need to prepare.  Our analysis over many years has led us to one most likely future.  A planetary Pole Shift will occur before mid 2012.  For a brief description see FAQ for a longer description see PSD.

This is a ‘do it yourself’ site.  Self help, practicality, with responsibility for those around you is the way out.  Expect no person, agency, or government will provide help.  No one can tell you what to believe or what not to believe.  You must do your own analysis and consulting of your own knowing to determine what you know to be true.  This site is not designed to convince anyone of what will or will not happen.  This site makes certain assumptions as to what could happen based on current awareness and understandings.

No one, no organization, and no governments in the world are going to take care of us. Why -- Because they don’t know how to provide for all of us, it is unlikely an admission of the pole shift will be made public.  It is our responsibility (we the people) to take care of our own preparations for the future.  This site is not all that is needed to be known, but it is a start.  We hope you find it useful.

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