The information on this site is for those who wish to improve their
  chances for survival after the coming pending pole shift. 

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We realize this is a controversial subject and many will have contradictions, arguments and denials that anything of the sort will ever happen. Many others have lots of questions. For all of these cases do your own analysis. We all have free choice in these matters. The information provided was intended to work for any religion. We hope it does. We will not discuss any of the above subjects. If you send an e-mail that would fall into one of these categories do not expect a response or that it will be read. Sorry, we don't have the time, we are trying to prepare and provide information at the same time. Time is short for all of us.

If you have a potential survival assisting method and it is based on speculation on what might or might not work, do some testing to determine if it does work. Only if it is practical in that it assists survival, works and can be done or made with common items at hand, send it, --- we and others would like to hear about it. The more primitive survival information that is disseminated the better off we all will be.

If you have a serious pole shift survival question that you think we might be able to answer and if the information were widely know would help others then please ask. We will tell you if we can help or not.

Specifically, what we are looking for is
Quality past primitive survival information

The technology developed and documented to help the third world countries, turns out to be one level of appropriate technology for bringing mankind from the push cart era back into the beginning of the industrial age. In actuality this information will be looked at as high tech by most survivors but we hope it will be applied by a few to help mankind to eventually climb back out of the primitive times.

We are looking for the old simple proven practical technology of the past for this site. That key knowledge which was vital in the development of civilization in the first place. We are looking for tribal knowledge --- like what did the pioneers need to know when they went west. We are looking for what the Natives, Indians, Aborigines, etc. of all countries know about how to live off the land. We want that which worked and was proven to work in the past. Basic primitive know how.

If you have access to any of this type of information and can send a digital copy or a link. Please do so. If you only have hardcopy then get it scanned and OCRed (Optical Character Recognition is ideal but not mandatory) at no more than 300 dpi and send it. All who end up reading it will appreciate the effort.

We sincerely wish to thank all who have contributed to the knowledge on this site whether the contribution was direct or indirectly ended up on this site. All those who use this information in the future will be very gratefully that you have provided it freely in a non-selfish mode to be used for the survival of humanity on this planet.

Survey Question

After a while let us know if you find something that is important enough to emphasize for others to have a printout. If we agree we will place a IMPORTANT after the filename so others will have an easier time finding what was found to be most important that needs to be printed. This will especially be helpful for the last minute information searchers. Do this by sending the names of the file(s) and why you think it is important for primitive survival to our contact e-mail address.

Acknowledgments: Special thanks to all of those (throughout time) who have worked to develop and distribute third world type technology. Special thanks to all of the educators of the world who have selflessly written it up vital technology and given it to the people of the world. These are the providers we all stand on the shoulders of to live and progress. Without these resources our survival technology for after a pole shift would be sparsely documented.

Special acknowledgments and thanks to all who have directly contributed to this sites success with information and hard work. You know who you are. Special thanks to one generous hard working programmer and teammate that made the indexing program and processes that without which this site would not have been possible.

If you have some survival information or files that you think would fit the purpose of this site please attach it to an e-mail and send it to Sam at .